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Pipeline Inspection Camera
With Waterproof
Camera Head (5.5mm)

The Digitech-i Pipeline Inspection Camera is an ergonomic handheld video endoscope system with a soft cable insertion tube. It can easily be operated by plugging directly into your computer. Enhanced with 6 white LED lights (Adjustable) on the tip of the flexible tube and a 300K digital camera, it can capture high quality images and videos (AVI) with rich color throughout a large dynamic range.

 Additionally, this high end scope requires no batteries, receiving its power directly from the computer's USB power. It's waterproof head and innovative design, as well as its easy accessibility option make it a perfect candidate for household use, industrial inspection and a nifty spy and surveillance toy.




Soft cable: 5/10 Meter USB 2.0 interface Giftbox / 1pcs (18 X 18 X 7 cm)
Water resistant camera head and cable N.W.: 300G G.W.: 400G (5 Meter)
6 White LED Lights (Adjustable) N.W.: 700G G.W.: 800G (10 Meter)
Camera head outer diameter is 5.5mm Carton Size: (60 X 35 X 35 cm)
Resolution: 640*480 20Pcs/Carton, G.W. 8 / 16 KG
Lens: viewable of angle: 54°  
Focal distance: 6cm --infinite  
Frame rate up to 30fps @ VGA resolution  
Snapshot & LED lighting adjustable