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Magnification Levels

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1X ~ 500x USB Pen Microscope
with Waterproof Head

The Digitech-i USB Pen Microscope is designed with dual function - It works as an Inspection Camera to explore the places that you cannot reach to and as a Microscope for magnifying small objects . It comes with multi magnification levels ranging from 1x ~ 500x, adjustable LED lights and a Waterproof Camera making sure that you will see every detail you want to see.

Features :

- 500x magnification, enough for checking even a small soldering / transistor in a PCB.
- Water-resistant camera complete with four adjustable LEDs, competent for a dark and closed environment
- Capture high quality colour images and video by the touch of a button on the handle.
- Comes with one useful accessory (Focus Stand, Portable Stand)
- Plug and play, easy to install. No driver needed.

Other uses for the Pen Microscope include:

- Classroom teaching aid
- Scientific and laboratory research tool including dissection and examination of specimen
- Medical analysis such as dermatological examinations, etc
- Reading Aid
- Industrial Inspection
- Computer Parts inspection

- Textile Inspection
- Jewelry Inspection
- Collections/Coin Inspection
- Printing Inspection
- Golf Course (to inspect the grass health)
- Workshops; Laboratories; Hobbyists; Tinkerers
- Printed circuit board (PCB) inspection; Parts assembly
- Forensics; Crime scene investigation




Aluminum Body: 12cm Length Gift Box/ 1pcs (17 X 14 X 5 cm)
Camera Head Outer Diameter: 10mm N.W.: 300G G.W.: 400G
USB cable: 150 cm USB 2.0 interface Carton Size: (47 X 29 X 50 cm)
Water resistant camera head and body 20Pcs/Carton, G.W. 8.5KG
4 White LED Lights (Adjustable)  
Resolution: 640*480  
Lens: viewable of angle: 54°  
Focal distance: 6cm --infinite  
Frame rate up to 30fps @ VGA resolution  
Snapshot & LED lighting adjustable