Uses for the Microscope Lens:
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 Scientific & Laboratory Research

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Computer Parts Inspection   
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Textiles & Fabrics

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Medical Analysis & More . . .

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Microscope Lens
for Smartphones

The Digitech Microscope Lens is a magnification device which can be mounted onto the iPhone 4 / 4s/ 5 or Samsung SIII  enhancing the built in camera to capture high quality microscopic images and videos (AVI).

The full package includes a Phone cover and Microscope Lens. Additionally, this compact microscope requires no batteries, displays full screen image
and draws light from its surronding. 

The Microscope’s compact and innovative design, as well as its easy accessibility option make it a perfect candidate which include:

- Classroom teaching aid
- Scientific and laboratory research tool
- Medical analysis such as dermatological examinations, etc
- Reading Aid
- Industrial Inspection
- Computer Parts inspection 
- Textile Inspection
- Jewelry Inspection
- Collections/Coin Inspection
- Printing Inspection

  • Magnification:
         50x Optical microscope
  • Lens Diameter: 13.2 mm
  • Focus Distance:  0.7mm
  • View Angle: Full Screen
  • Lens Housing: Optical Glass
         with Aluminum Case

Package Content:

  • 50X Microscope Lens
  • iPhone 4/5 or Samsung SIII Hard Case 

Packing Details:

  • Blister Pack / 1pcs (18 X 9 X 2 cm) 
  • N.W.: 45Grams G.W.: 55Grams 
  • Carton Size: (35 X 20 X 50 cm) 
  • 100Pcs/Carton, G.W. 6KG